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Saturn Article #1: May's Amazing Planet Trio

by Fred Schaaf

Whether you are a novice astronomer or know the perfect spots in your area to view a dark night-sky, Saturn is well placed for viewing almost all night throughout the month of May. And there's a treat in store late in the month: as Saturn rises in the east, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury converge in a tight knot in the west, visible just after sunset. This observing guide covers night-sky happenings for all the planets, as well as the Sun and Moon.

Saturn Article #2: Ringworld Revelations

by Matthew S. Tiscareno

Saturn's rings make a beautiful sight through a telescope, but they become even more stunning when you learn the complex interactions keeping them in place. Saturn's rings unwrapped would stretch from Earth to the Moon, yet they're not much thicker than a troupe of acrobats standing on one another's shoulders. How does something so fragile stay stable over time? Find out in this enlightening article. 

Saturn Article #3: Titan: Earth in Deep Freeze

by Jason Barnes

In addition to its vast rings, Saturn is known for its mysterious moons, of which Titan is the largest and most secretive. Titan's dense and hazy atmosphere conceals an Earth-like landscape sculpted into mountains, lakes and dunes. Yet it's a vastly different place, with "ghost rain," polar seas, and smog that falls out of the sky. Only recently have robotic probes returned fascinating detail about this curious world, and tantalizing secrets remain for future space missions.

Saturn Article #4: Ice Worlds of the Ringed Planet

by Emily Lakdawalla

Saturn's neighborhood is home to more than 60 moons, each of them a unique geological wonder. NASA's Cassini mission discovered icy geysers on Enceladus's surface spewing material into space and filling Saturn's E ring. Two-faced Iapetus reveals some of its secrets in Cassini photos. And Rhea, Saturn's second-largest moon, exhibits tantalizing hints of a ring system of its own. Learn more about each of these icy worlds in Lakdawalla's in-depth coverage.

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